Promotional and Advertising Photo Shoot Plan

Promotional and Advertising Photo Shoot Plan  Model: Maria Kamimura (Twitter

Atelier Fuwary provides photo shoots for audition pictures, promotional and advertising photos and photo identifications. Take precious photos at Atelier Fuwary ୨୧

●Features of Promotional and Advertising Photos at Atelier Fuwary
・Fe-male only studio provides photo shoots through girls’ eyes. Get pictures make you sweeter ୨୧
・Our studio has appropriate size for promotional and advertising photo shoots, and we take photos of you in a good figure.
・You can choose a variety of retouching levels from natural level for job interview to stronger level for audition.
・You can also order slender, part or contour corrections.
・We can provide after-advertising service by SNS if you post your photos with a tag after photo shoot.
・We also hold artist photo shoots for cool image or male models by strobe lights making the use of shadowing effect.

☆Pieces of photo shoot data and price
2 photos  3000 yen + 2000 yen (Fee for cutting wallpaper ) ・ 1 costume
4 photos  4500 yen + 2000 yen (Fee for cutting wallpaper ) ・ up to 2 costumes
10 photos  9000 yen + 2000 yen (Fee for cutting wallpaper ) ・ up to 2 costumes
20 photos  16000 yen + 2000 yen (Fee for cutting wallpaper ) – 1000 yen (Discount) ・ up to 2 costumes
30 photos  25000 yen + 2000 yen (Fee for cutting wallpaper ) – 1000 yen (Discount) ・ up to 3 costumes
※We will take two kinds of shots: Full-body and bust-up.
※Usually you can choose a colour of wallpaper only. Please ask us to add more colours.
(Every time you switch colour, there will be additional fee: 1000 yen. Wallpaper cutting fee will be also charged to every colour.)
※Photographers can provide poses for you, if you would like to.
※Feel free to ask us about costumes.

※We have white wallpaper, and also red or light blue. Wallpaper colours other than white will be charged 1000 yen and need reservations in advance. Otherwise they might be out of stock. If you prefer wallpaper colours other than white, please mention this on remarks when you fulfill online form to make a reservation.
※If you would like to take bust-up shots only, excluding full-body shots, wallpaper cutting fee will not be charged to any colour of wallpapers even red or light blue.

●Additional Options
Up to 4 pictures: 500 yen per picture
Up to 10 pictures: 400 yen per picture
Up to 20 pictures: 350 yen per picture
Every 1 picture after 21st pictures: 350 yen

・Early data delivery (up to 20 pictures)
Within 10 days: +1000 yen
Within 7 days: +2500 yen
Within 3days: +4000 yen
Next day: +10000 yen

・Slender correction
500 yen per picture
・Part and contour correction
500 yen per picture

●Print out Service
You can print out photos and bring them with you ୨୧
Visit here for more detail ʚ♡ɞ

●Special Option for Promotional and Advertising Photo Shoot Plan
Basically we take full-body and bust-up shots.
You can choose cropping sizes for bust-up pictures.

・Apply same cropping size for all photos you choose, or select different sizes on each photo (a size per picture) → Free of charge 0 yen
・Apply two sizes of cropping to a picture → 500 yen will be charged per picture
・Apply three sizes of cropping to a picture → 1000 yen will be charged per picture

●Waist shot
Waist shot



●Appointment of photographer
 No appointment +0 yen
 DAice(Twitter) +10,000 yen
 Female photographer +1,000 yen
 ※Appointment is acceptable by 18:00 two days before photo shoot.
  If you apply for the appointment earlier, it would help to confirm your offer. Otherwise photographers might have difficulty to fix their schedules for you.

●How to make a reservation for photo shoot
 ①Make sure availability and fulfill the online reservation form.
 ②You will receive automatic reply from Atelier Fuwary.
 ③Please make a phone call to us.
  ※If this is your initial reservation for Atelier Fuwary, please make a phone call to us.
   ・We answer the call between 11:00 and 20:00.
   ・Please make sure that the calling number display setting is ON.
  ※You do not need to make a phone call for second or later reservations.
  ※We will make a phone call to you if you have not called to us within 12 hours after you send us an online application.
 ④You will receive a confirmation e-mail.
  ※If your schedule does not match with ours, we would like to rearrange the schedule via e-mail.
 ⑤The day of the Photo shoot
※You can enter the studio 15 min before your reservation.

※Usually we accept reservations by the day before photo shoot.
If you would like to make a reservation on the day, please make a phone call to us.

●How to make payment for Location Plan
 ・When you make a reservation, please pay in advance for the whole price of the plan you choose.
・You can pay with credit card or through convenience store or bank transfer.
・If you would like to add numbers of photo data, please pay for the additional photos on the day of your photo shoot or later.
・Please ask for the voucher of your payment when you make a reservation.

●About Costumes and Make up~
 ・Please bring costumes and cosmetics for make up by yourself.
We do not have costumes or cosmetics for rent.
 ・Please finish wearing costumes and doing make up before your photo shoot time begins.
 ・If you do not get ready for photo shoot more than 21 min since your photo shoot time begins, 200 yen will be charged every 10 min. (Extra fee will be charged from 21 min.)

●About photo shoot data~
☆Usually it takes a week from next day of your photo shoot till you receive your photo data.
☆If you buy more than 21 pictures and need retouching or other processes, the delivery date would be extended. 7 days would be plus per 20 pictures. *You can receive 20 pictures first.
 ☆Basically logo is not displayed on the pictures. (*If you prefer, we can add Atelier Fuwary’s logo on your pictures.)
 ☆Basic photo size is 1000×1500px 96dpi. However, the data size can be smaller due to cropping.
 ☆Larger data (full size is about 3000×5000px 762dpi) or unprocessed RAW data charges 2000 yen per a picture. The data size can be smaller due to cropping.
  *You can print out basic size data for small pictures like cover pictures of CD, however, we recommend more than 2400px×3500px 300dpi for pictures larger than A4.
 ☆Photo data taken at this studio is available at any reason including commercial use.
 ☆If you use the photo data taken at this studio for commercial use, we may post it as our past work experience on this website. We appreciate your understanding.
 ☆Photo use against public order and morality including media not permitted for under 18 years old is prohibited.
 ☆Please comply immediately with our request if you receive a deletion order of a photo you have posted against the rule.
 ☆When you post a photo on which photographer appear on any medium, please display our studio name, “Atelire Fuwary”. (Not mandatory to show photographer.)

●About Cancellation Fee~
◇Please contact us by e-mail or phone call if you cancel your reservation. There will be 70 % of cancellation fee if you cancel your reservation 2 or 3 days before your photo shoot and 100 % of cancellation fee if you cancel a day before or on the day of your photo shoot or without contact. If you cancel without contact to us, you may be refused to use our service never again.

*New reservation is available on which there is no schedule has been made.
*If schedule is already written on the calendar, please choose different time or date.
*We set 30 min of blank time before and after photo shoot.
*This schedule is not displayed in real time. We appreciate your understanding.

●Online Form for Reservation