Print out Service

We can print out your photos and you can bring them with you.
Atelier Fuwary’s development technology for print out, photo papers which specialize in photos, high-performing printer and full-size printing enable to print out high quality pictures with expressive colours.

・Post card size 250 yen / per card  850 yen / 5 cards
・A4 size 750 yen / per paper  3400 yen / 5 papers set
・A3 size 1200 yen / per paper  3200 yen / 3 papers set
※You can also bring data and we can print them out for you. (+100 yen / per paper +300 yen / per set You can also bring papers for printing.)
●Processing panels
This option prevents your photos to get bent due to humidity and enables long-term preservation by putting styrene board on the back of photos.
・A4 size +600 yen / per picture
・A3 size +850 yen / per picture
※You can include this option in addition to Print out service by AtelierFuwary only.

Make your photos more Kawaii by putting your photos in sweet frames, cutting and attaching masking tapes around your photos or just decking out your photos in ribbons. Get your own photos ʚ♡ɞ

※Please ask us to add more options before or after your photo shoot.
※These prices exclude tax.
※Additional fee will be charged for mailing.
※If you hold photo shoot at studio and no reservation afterward, you can print out 2 pictures at the studio and bring them directly.
 Including time for development, it takes about 30 to 60 min.
※Image data will be given to you on the delivery date as estimated, because data format are different between print out data (CMYK) and image data (RGB), and image data needs development process.