2F Sugiyama Building, 1-44-5 Sekiguchi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Closest station: Edogawabashi station
※8 min by Yurakucho Line from Ikebukuro station
※If you take Sobu line first and transfer to Yurakucho line, we recommend to change at Ichigaya station, not Iidabashi station as you have to walk a lot at Iidabashi station to change lines. Even if you pass through Iidabashi station, we suggest transferring at Ichigaya station.

Edogawabashi Station Exit
・3 min walk by Exit 1b
・5 min walk by lift ※Easiest way※

fuwary access

(※Google Map)

■How to get to our atelier from Edogawabashi station (About 12 min walk from west exit)
①Pass through the ticket gate at Edogawabashi station and walk toward the direction of Exit 1b.
②Take a lift on the left side and go to ground floor.
③Turn left, and you will find MIZUHO bank.
④Cross the cross walk and walk straight. You will see Doutor coffee café and Tenya (天丼てんや) on the left side. Walk further, and there is Family Mart. ※Exit 1b※
⑤Walk straight, and there are a street map and Information sign. Walk into the building in front of the sign. Our atelier locates on the 2nd floor of the building.
※There is a name plate “杉山ビル” (Sugiyama Building) at the entrance of the building.
※Information Sign

⑥Take steps to 2nd floor, and there is the entrance of Atelier Fuwary.

※Although you can come through Exit 1b, we recommend to take a lift as there are many steps on the way to Exit 1b without lift. In addition, taking a lift is shortest way as underground path goes long way around.
※Especially if you have a suitcase, it should be tough to take steps. Please take a lift.
※We can help you carry your suitcase or heavy stuff to 2nd floor if you contact us in front of the Sugiyama building. We appreciate your understanding that we can provide less assist when there are female staff only at the studio.