Access details

■access from Kotake-mukaihara Station
Although the distance is the longest, You can arrive straight from Exit 1.
Please go straight ahead through the right sideway to the place of Seven-Eleven on the way.The Google map shows some ways bending on the way,but this is for road improvement. ୨୧

*Taxis and car pickup are available at Exit 4 or elevator exit.The traveling direction of the car is on the tunnel side.
In the case of walk in here exit will take about 15 minutes.( taxi cant be catch at Exit 1 or 2 because cars can not running to the promenade.)
* If you walk out of the elevator, you will be far away.

■access from Shin-Sakuradai Station

This is recommend if you are using the Seibu Ikebukuro Line, such as from the Saitama area.

①Take the elevator exit or exit 3 and go left.(Proceed to the other side of FamilyMart.)
②Walk for 1-2 minutes and you will find Seven-Eleven.Turn left at the back of Seven-Eleven and walk straight for about 8 minutes to arrive. ୨୧

■access from Hikawadai station
Distance is closest.There are Yurakucho Line and Fukutoshin Line, which are convenient from Shinjuku and Shibuya.୨୧

①Take the elevator exit or exit 3 and go left.Walk in the direction from Docomo to Supermarket named summit.

②Walk straight beside the summit.

③At the right of the second traffic light (Sakuradai Sanchome), there is an intersection called Farmland Center, and turn left there.

③There is a fork when you walk for about 5 minutes.

・There is a fork when you walk for about 5 minutes.
・Walk the crossroads to the right ,there is a primary school.Turn right on 7-Eleven and walk a little to find elementary school.And Go straight and you will find a studio.